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Manufacturer :Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc.

Authorized Distributor :

  • WPI

Region/Country :

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

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Product line Category

  • Audio Solutions
  • LDO
  • Linear IC

Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Inc. (ESMT) is a professional IC design company founded in June 1998 in the Hsinchu Science and located in Industry Park in Taiwan. The Company's main business includes private IC product design, manufacturing, sales and technical services.

When the company started, decide to become a various types of memory products and technology suppliers, research and development of specific types of DRAM products , now product are widely used in PC edge, information home appliances, and consumer, communications and other systems, has been successfully established a variety of capacity and interface specifications of the specific Type DRAM product line; Development of Flash and NAND Flash to meet the needs of a wide range of specific application systems, in recent years, ESMT Technology has expanded its product line to analog, hybrid signal and system ICs and other non-memory applications to meet more customer needs, and currently offers a wide range of power management, audio converters (ADC/DAC), Class D audio amplifiers (Class D Amplifier), and wireless system IC applications.