Line Card


Manufacturer :SG Micro Corp

Authorized Distributor :

  • WPI

Region/Country :

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

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Product line Category

  • Analog and USB Switches
  • Battery Charger IC
  • Moto Driver
  • Power Management IC
  • PWM IC
  • Reset IC

SGMICRO's experienced analog IC design team is the key to company's success. The multinational design team consists of analog IC design experts with 20+ years of experience in IC design, layout, process, assembly, test and quality control. SGMICRO's design expertise and continuous investments in R&D assure the performance and quality of its products match or exceed those of the world's top analog IC suppliers.

Benefited from years of heavy investments in R&D and superior design expertise and capabilities, SGMICRO has introduced more than 1000 analog IC products (all lead-free/RoHS and Green compliant) with high performance, high quality and excellent reliability, including 1.5GHz high-speed OPA, 500MHz low-noise OPA, high precision OPA, 300nA ultra-low power comparator, 50MHz low-noise OPA, 300mA low-power/low-noise LDO, 0.4Ω analog switch, microprocessor supervisory circuits, video buffers, white LED drivers, high-efficiency DC/DC converters, Li-Ion battery chargers, etc. SGMICRO will continue to introduce more high performance analog IC products for portable devices, communications, industrial and consumer electronics.