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Manufacturer :WAVICE INC.

Authorized Distributor :

  • WPG SA

Region/Country :

  • India

Link to Manufacturer :Http://


Product line Category

  • Demo Board
  • Foundry
  • PA Module
  • RF
  • RF Components
  • RF PA
  • RF PA Module
  • RF Power Amplifier

Wavice (Wave + Device) provides vertically integrated GaN RF Technology to full address defence Surveillance Systems and Commercial 5G systems.

• The only RF GaN fab in S. Korea – 0.4um/0.3um MMIC foundry service
• Durable GaN Transistors (improved Reliability)
• Custom bare-die design service
• Specialized for IMFET (fully matched Transistors) products
• No. 1 GaN Module (Tx Pallet / TRM / SSPA) provider to ROK Military