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Manufacturer :Winbond Electronics Corp.

Authorized Distributor :

  • WPI

Region/Country :

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

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Product line Category

  • DRAM
  • Flash
  • MCP
  • NAND Flash
  • NOR Flash
  • SRAMs

Winbond Electronics Corporation was established in September, 1987 and has been publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 1995 (TSE:2344). As the Memory IC Company of excellence, Winbond strives to provide customer-driven memory solutions backed by the expert capabilities of product design, technology R&D, manufacturing, and sales services.

Winbond owns three main business groups: DRAM Product, NOR Flash and Memory IC Manufacturing. The Company continually looks for innovative products and technologies to boost its competitiveness in the market. Winbond’s DRAM product portfolio, consisting of Mobile RAM, Specialty DRAM and Graphics DRAM, features characteristics of high performance and high speed and is widely used by leaders in the consumer, communication, computer peripheral and automobile markets. Graphics DRAM-GDDR, moreover, is targeted for high performance applications including PC, game console and multimedia device.

In the segment of NOR Flash, Winbond offers low/medium-density NOR Flash covering Parallel and Serial Flash solutions. The Company utilizes advanced technologies to manufacture NOR Flash memory in the own 300mm wafer fab. With characteristics of low power, small size and cost optimization, Winbond’s NOR Flash lineup is across a wide range of applications including HDD, ODD, DVD, networking, DSL modem, STB and LCD TV etc.; and especially enjoys a high market share within the global motherboard and ODD markets.

As to Memory IC Manufacturing business, Winbond keeps pace with the latest technologies through good collaborations with international partners. The Company provides its partners with high-quality foundry services; meanwhile, manufactures Specialty DRAM, Mobile Memory and Flash Memory which are marketed under its own corporate brand name. With the optimizations of cost structure and capacity allocation, Winbond ceaselessly achieves the long-term profitability and stable growth for the corporation.

Winbond headquarters in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan. To further value relationships with customers and strengthen regional supports, Winbond also has subsidies in America, Japan, China and Hong Kong. Winbond, with the collaboration of its experienced and intelligent team, owns abundant and highly graded patents worldwide. Professionalism and innovation are the main goals that Winbond continues pursuing. In order to improve the yield rates, supply chain management, and customer satisfaction, Winbond implements a high standard manufacturing process control and quality control system, and thereby has been accredited by IECQ, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QS 9000.

United we stand. Winbond appreciates the power of accountability, innovation and teamwork which each employee is actively encouraged to put into practice. At the same time, the Company provides comprehensive training courses, a continuously improving employee-benefit system, and employment opportunities based on performance. Winbond received the Friendly Workplace Award from the Executive Yuan’s Council of Labor Affairs in Taiwan.